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You Found Us! "Our Purpose is to build a community of ACTIVE OUTDOOR LADIES and PROVIDE EDUCATION for them to be BADASSER THAN THEY ALREADY ARE."

You found our secret spot! This is the Member Only zone for our Ladies Networks and for our Guests that are participating in Programs or Events. If you Request To Join we will need a little time to coordinate your Membership or Registration with what you have access to. 

If you are not a Member yet ~ Please consider being part of our Amazing group of Ladies. 

Founded by Charlene Bower, owner of Bower Media, Ladies Offroad Network started as a project in 2016 to giveback knowledge after working in the Offroad Industry for over 25 years. It quickly grew into a big program as she travelled around the county hosting classes ~ most impressively in 2019 at 75 stops around the country! (Over 19,000 miles driven and hundreds of ladies impacted)

Today it is an International Network of Ladies who love everything outdoors! The original Ladies "Offroad" Network has branched out to include Ladies "Camping" Network and more to be released in 2023. 

There are multiple hands on events and programs hosted throughout the year in addition to consistent online education. The Grand'mama event of the year is the Ladies Networks Convention. It spans 10 days packed with education, adventure and life long friendships.

You Belong Here If...

  • You are a Lady that Love to Adventure
  • You want to Learn how to be more Successful at your Hobby
  • You want to find a group of supportive Ladies that share your passions
  • If you are Brand New or considered an Expert
  • If you have a Vehicle, Want One or are the Passenger
  • You like to Laugh and Enjoy Life

We Are Simple: